Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A slip of the tongue

Today it's IBOT day with Essentially Jess

I know it's being talked about EVERYWHERE, but I'm jumping onto this too.

So, the Duchess of Cambridge had a slip of the tongue and said she would take a teddy bear (as a gift) for her d.......

The giver of the gift assumes she was going to say daughter. 

But what if her and the Duke are having a darling baby? Or dear son?

Why is everyone presuming it's a little girl?

Don't get me wrong, with the new succession laws I'm really hoping they do have a little girl first so that there IS going to be another Queen in the not to distant future, without her father/brother having to abdicate.

It got me thinking though. Maybe the Duchess has baby brain? I honestly don't blame her. Darling Husband (DH) and I had names (girl definite, boy tentative) and we were keeping them a secret. We wanted it all to be a suprise for everyone. 

So imagine my absolute dismay at myself with speaking with a colleague at work and I spill the names! I tried to cover, but I'm pretty sure she didn't believe me. 

But it doesn't always happen to pregnant women. It can happen to children (spilling secrets) or an excited adult accidentally ruining a surprise. Like a birthday present. 

What's your biggest, "Oh crap, I shouldn't have said anything moment?"


  1. Dave and I found out that we were having a girl but we kept it secret from most people, especially family, as they didn't want to know anyway. And then my husband goes and tells his sister one day when she was visiting because he just assumed that because we were discussing girls names that I had told her! Ah no, we were discussing girls names because it was a well-known fact that we had picked out a boys but couldn't agree on a girls! Silly man!

    This time we are not keeping it a secret and everyone knows we are having a girl but we plan on keeping the name secret until after she is born. If we can ever agree on one!

  2. I'd love her to have a girl too, but also not just so she doesn't spend the rest of her life, living under the guilt of having accidentally revealed the babies gender.
    She didn't look guilty afterwards; it will be interesting to see what they end up having.
    Maybe she was going to give the teddy to her dog? :)