Friday, 5 April 2013


Can you hear that? 

Nope, that's the sound of silence. It's what my keyboard has been like for nearly two weeks now. 

I've got no blog-spiration. I don't watch the news, we are eating dinner at that time and have ABC4Kids on in the background for noise, so current events are out.

No funny or interesting stories. I could probably have a whinge about mountain biking but that might upset Darling Husband (DH).

I've still been reading blogs as much as I can.

But DH has had the laptop squirreled away to use for his uni studies. It's behind a closed door again because a certain little someone likes to push buttons on it. 

I'm feeling flat and uninspired lately. I think it's lack of contact with people, but that's my own fault. I'm a creature of singularity sometimes.

Please bear with me while I turn my life upside down and try to find my mojo?

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