Monday, 16 December 2013

What a slacker

I must confess.... I have been VERY slack on the blogging front.

The JOMC household does things big in December, and I'm not talking about Christmas. 2 years ago, DD blessed us with her early arrival. And this year, we decide to sell and buy a house! Yep. In our infinite wisdom, we do it in December. And the new place settled on Friday the 13th.

I've missed blogging and the opportunities it presents to get things off my chest. It's also been hard because our laptop gave up the ghost and stopped working. Granted, we've had the new one about a month now, but I never knew DH's password to unlock it. Story of my life hahaha.

Since I last blogged in October so much has happened, not just the house stuff. My depression and anxiety has flared up. I have had a few bad attacks. It got to the point where I have had to start seeing a psychologist. Through my employer, I have access to 5 sessions paid for by them. And that has come in extremely handy. My attacks have reduced but I have been suffering other health problems where I have to have the dreaded cameras up and down next month. I've continued losing weight, and am now nearly 20kg lighter than when I started the year, and that is not through diet or exercise.

And November saw JOMC turn one. I missed my first year blog-iversary. It was something I really wanted to celebrate but life had other ideas.

I've also been mulling over the fact we're not having an actual birthday party for DD this year. We're going to celebrate as a family, but just don't see why she has to have a party every year. Is that ok? Does that make us bad parents? We are having a little Christmas celebration with my friends the night of her birthday and we will have my best friends little girl who is only a year older than DD. So it's not like she won't have someone to play with. I AM making cupcakes for daycare on Friday and supplying fruit for the child who isn't allowed sweets. That way she can celebrate with her daycare friends. We don't even know 90% of the other families.

Also, DH has been arguing about how much money we've spent on DD. I honestly don't think it's that much. She's getting two main presents for Christmas and one for her birthday. All up, probably just over $100 for ALL 3 items. He won't believe me that there are people who spend that on just one present and then buy more. I think he got a bit frightened by the stuff I put on layby during the toy sale which was farmed out to his sister. It was so I knew what DD was getting and also helps my sister-in-law as she has her own little guy to worry about this year.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. I need to go and vacuum the floors and couch, and put a bra on, just in case someone decides they want to look through our current place.

Oh, and today, I'm linking up with Kirsty over at My Home Truths for I Must Confess

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