Friday, 26 June 2015

FYBF - Where did my money tree go?

I'm kicking myself.

I'm also kicking my husband. Metaphorically, of course.

You see, four years ago, in our newly pregnant wisdom, we upgraded my car. My old car was a beautiful, little red Hyundai Accent, affectionately named Red. She was my baby. I'd bought her new 7 years earlier and I hadn't even cracked 40,000km. 

But we decided that a 3 door wasn't practical with gumby old me, so we sold Red privately and upgraded to a Hyundai i30. Which 4 years on hasn't even cracked 25,000km. We did this at the end of June, and the car was registered to us from 28/06/2011.

Not once did we consider that in 4 years time, my licence would also be due. 

As would the insurances on our two cars. 

So this week, I'm skint. $830 for the licence and rego. Luckily, I've successfully remarketed our insurances to a better policy, for a much lower price and bundled all with one insurer now. We dodged a bullet there, as we now have until 20 July to pay them. 

But TAFE have been sending me numerous messages and emails to enrol in my next subject. So I rang them today, fairly confident that I'd be able to afford the $195 I've been paying for my past 6 out of 8 required units. 

But now, the Government has decided that online students aren't important and have taken away all funding. My last two units are going to cost me as much as the last 6 have. They want $590 for the next unit. We can't afford that. I'm not HELP'ing it, either, as it is just something that goes against my beliefs and I cannot bring myself to do it. Plus they charge an extra 30% if you do that. 

So, whoever cut the money tree down out of our backyard, you suck. That money tree would be so handy right now!

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  1. That really sucks. Education is so important! I need to grow a money tree too.

  2. It just leaks away, doesn't it? I can't believe TAFE is now that much more. That's just not right. At least phase out the funding or something. It sux that those that are already enrolled are slugged with that much extra. They just don't think do they!?!?! Hope you find the cash!! x