Tuesday, 23 February 2016

I'm still me

Recently, I've been reading that if you're a mum and you do certain things like baking or cooking, there's a good chance you lost a piece of yourself when your child came along. 

You know what? I think that's a load of bull. 

Prior to Miss 4's arrival, I always used to cook and bake anyway. DH and I used to enjoy a range of my cooking experiments. One night, I made a Japanese feast from scratch. Another time, we had curry chicken parcels. Then there was the vegetable quiche.

Baking wasn't so high on my list of things to do. We're not huge sweet eaters normally. Since Miss 4 came along, I find we are getting into the kitchen together a whole lot more. 

She loves to make sweet things, but we always limit it to one sweet thing a week. And there's normally 4 days a week she doesn't eat things like that. 

I feel like the time we spend choosing what the weekly treat is, then making it (and taste testing it!) is important to OUR relationship. It is important to our values and the way WE want to raise her. 

But you know what? It's not for everyone. I'll admit there are times where I will be thinking, "Why did I get myself into this?" when the flour and sugar is spread over the bench. But the smiles and giggles from Miss 4 make it worthwhile for me.

Today, I moved even further outside of my traditional comfort zone. Whilst trying to *ahem* relieve myself, Miss 4 marched in with a Cooking with Peppa (or something like that) magazine and declared it had yummy stuff in it. And "May please can you make me this?"

A cheese and chive soufflé. Great. Eeeeek. Slight modification came about as she doesn't like chives, but I made it. And it was pretty nice. A bit rich, needed a salad to cut through the cheese and egg, but I felt accomplished. Successful even.

Had Miss 4 not used her manners and looked so cute, I never would have made it. Sure I'd have said how awesome it looked in the magazine or I may never have even seen it.

And I'm super proud of how it turned out. My picture was taken just as it was starting to settle, but geez it puffed up amazingly!

So to all my readers. Whether you bake or not, it doesn't matter. Do what you want. Chase your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you that you've lost part of yourself, or that you're not "rad". Be yourself. Love yourself (as much as you can - I understand some of us can't always do that). Enjoy your friends and family. 

Today, I've linked up with the ever wonderful Jess at Essentially Jess for IBOT. Happy Tuesday peeps.


  1. So true! I didn't really start baking until I had kids, but a large part of that was because there wasn't anyone much to eat the results of my baking!

  2. I don't bake much but I think that's due to time, oh and the fact a am not very good at it. Do whatever you like and don't worry what others say #teamIBOT

  3. I think being a mother actually unleashes a creative side of you that you didn't know you had before. That doesn't mean you're not yourself any more. It just means we can all change

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