Friday, 8 February 2013

FFS Friday 8 Feb

So, two weeks have gone by since my last FFS Friday. Was that because last week had no FFS moments? Nah! Of course not. But I just figured I'd give you a break.

Went out for tea Monday night for Darling Husband (DH) and my mum's birthdays. Not FFS

Got one drink the entire time we were there. FFS (First world problem, I know)

Left feeling like the Sahara Desert. FFS

Went to the gym nice and early Tuesday morning but could only do half a class FFS

I have a dodgy foot and it still hurts, over a week after first doing something to it. FFS

Woke up Wednesday morning with a cold. FFS

Thursday was date day with DH while Darling Daughter (DD) was at daycare. Not FFS

I was sick for date day. FFS

I ate nothing but crap yesterday - starting with Maccas for breakfast and cinema popcorn for lunch FFS

Made me feel even worse with my cold FFS

But my goodness it tasted bloody amazing.

Only a short one this week. My head is too congested to even think of anything else.

It's Friday peeps, so it's the usual link up with Dear Baby G for FFS Friday!

Dear Baby G


  1. Head colds in Summer suck. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. I hate head colds - I can't taste my wine properly! May the phlegm and snot miraculously clear up in time for next week's date!

  3. Onion! Quarter an onion put it in a bowl next to your bed. Do it!

  4. Your night out for your hubbys and Mum's bday's sounded like fun.

    Hope you're feeling better.