Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Daycare Blues

Darling Daughter (DD) had her first day at daycare last week. When Darling Husband (DH) and I dropped her off, she got straight down on the floor and started playing with all the toys. We stayed for about 10 minutes and when we left, we picked her up for a kiss and cuddle and she wanted to squirm out of our arms.

I'm lucky that we are in a position where she only goes one day a week and we can ease her into the hours. So the plan was to only leave her there for four hours.

We dropped her off at 8 and I have to admit that I really struggled to leave. I was all brave until I got to the car and I started getting teary. DH just doesn't seem to understand why I felt so bad though. 

So I drove home in the pouring rain and parked in my driveway and sobbed. The weather suited my mood perfectly. Why was it so hard? Why did I feel like I was leaving her? Why did my heart feel like it had shattered?

I came inside for about five minutes and decided that it was too hard to hang around all her toys. So what did I do? I went to the shops. I got birthday presents sorted, I had a coffee (which was free due to a voucher), and just wandered aimlessly. Then I decided to hit the other shopping centre for a while. 

Finally at midday, I went back to pick her up. Only to find that she was asleep. Deflated, I came home, again. Wrapped the presents I bought, went to the toilet in peace and then drove the long way to the daycare centre. At 1pm she was awake and had just done her very first painting. 

The smile I got when I walked into the room cleared all the rain clouds and I felt whole again, with my little girl with me. 

I'm still emotional over it and we've only got 2 more days before she goes again.

Please tell me it gets easier?!

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  1. It's definitely gotten easier for me. I look forward to Mr 4 going for two days now, gives me a little break.

    Hope you both adjust. Hugs.x

  2. It does get easier, and I even look forward to it! Both of you will love it in time :)

  3. Umm sort of gets easier, but my youngest has to be pried away from me every time I dropped him off, which is hard. But I know he has a ball when he's there and only cries for my benefit - hang in there :) Emily

  4. We have just started our 14-month old daughter at daycare and the first day I was really nervous about it. She's been three times now (she just goes once a week) and although I'm not as nervous I do still worry about her and wonder about her during the day. I'm lucky that I'm at work to distract me, makes it a little easier to lose myself for not think about what she might be doing as often. Fortunately she has absolutely loved it so far so that is a big relief. It will get easier but I don't think you'll stop missing her!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  5. It gets easier, but like Kylie said you certainly don't stop missing them. It certainly makes it easier when they are happy to go as well.

  6. I've never had to do daycare but I do miss my kids so much when they are at school.
    I can't imagine what it's like when they are so little