Monday, 2 September 2013

Inspiration from the strangest place

A light hearted post for that terrible day of the week....

That ever elusive muse of mine has popped up at the most awkward and inconsiderate of times lately.

Mainly while I'm at work, and in my job, there is definitely NO room for blogging. The best I can do is type a quick memo/note into my phone - a subject rather than a post - and hope that the urge is still there.

Now that I'm back at work, I have been engaging in the real world. I know what is happening outside of the worlds of Peppa Pig and Giggle and Hoot. And it's all thanks to having breaks and access to the news.

You see, in my household, we have over 100 episodes of Peppa Pig. We watch them on a regular basis. And if the television is on and DD is around, it's on ABC4Kids. Because really, who needs their kids who are far to young to understand seeing the horrific footage that's been on lately from around the world?

So I've been trawling through news articles. Devouring them. Hating the crap that goes on, and loving the left of field stories.

That's why when I found the article about the University of Washington actually working out mind control I instantly wanted to go grab my tin foil hat. You know, like in the movie Signs? Because seriously, who is really going to want someone else controlling their actions through mind control? The article says you'd have to be a willing participant, but really???

It's things like that story which have made my return to work a little easier to deal with. It's the adult contact, and it's the stimulation to different parts of my brain that Peppa just cannot get anywhere near. This is what I mean...

Now there's almost 30 seconds that you won't get back again. 

But really, my muse has been hiding in news stories about day to day life all along. Whodathunkit?


  1. Oh Peppa Pig! Seriously if Peppa Pig never aired again our house would be both ecstatic and devastated at the same time. Here's to 'real' thinking!

  2. Peppa Pig is on high rotation at our place too. It's been an incredibly long time since I watched the news regularly. I only really get bite sized chunks online. Being a SAHM can definitely mean living in a bubble...

  3. I have no idea who Peppa Pig is and I don't think I can bring myself to watch it.

  4. Got no idea who is peppa pig. Glad you are enjoying the stimulation of work.

  5. Oh Peppa. She lives here but we only let her out of her cage once in a blue moon or when the ABC is on. She is rather posh but we're not haha.

    Visiting from Aussie Biz Buzz