Friday, 25 January 2013

FFS Friday 25 Jan

So much has happened that I started this very early in the week. Most of it is now centered around the current weather conditions.

Dear Baby G

I'm only human. FFS

My memory is shot. FFS

The monsoon came on Thursday. It rained. Our grass loves us. Not FFS

Our roof leaked. FFS

Hubby wanted to try and fix it himself. FFS

No, he is NOT a plumber.

Plumber can't get here for another 4 hours. FFS

Water is coming down my back door frame. FFS

Plumber unable to come at all. Weather way too bad. FFS.

SES came and helped us out. Definitely not FFS

Over 400ml of rain in less than 48 hours. FFS

Friday night is ALWAYS grocery shop night. Thursday night on Facebook there were reports that ALL local stores had sold out of milk. FFS

Shops closed due to no power or water. FFS

We really don't have enough food to ration out and there's not going to be anything left in the couple of stores that are open. We're screwed. FFS

All TV channels just dropped out so there is no escaping the roaring of the wind and pounding of the rain. FFS

No, I'm not dealing with this very well.  FFS

I'm scared. Darling Husband (DH) is planning on trying to go to work today. I really don't want him too. There are too many idiots out there - we've already had a number of people speeding down our street. Official instruction is to stay indoors and not to travel. 

This is the first time in many, many years that we've had something like this.

Ex-TC Oswald is making a complete bloody nuisance of himself and won't just piss off. 

We survived Ului (lots of rain because we were on the tail of it here) and Yasi (lots of rain, but not very much wind by the time it reached us). Oswald isn't even a cyclone anymore and he's got me shitting bricks. 

Oh, and the biggest FFS of the day. We have no frigging water! So we've had to resort to the old "if it's yellow....." Sorry if that's TMI but like I said, I'm not dealing very well.

Happy Australia Day weekend everyone!


  1. I so hope you make it through!! I love how people go into panic mode!! No tv for me would be the biggest killer!!

  2. there was plenty of food and milk at the shops. i have no idea why people thought this at all.......

  3. 400mls of rain ?!?! I can't even imagine that, Perth is so hot and dry. I hope everything is back to normal now x