Friday, 18 January 2013

FFS Friday

Okay. I'm sorry. I've been slack, lazy and generally blah. I haven't blogged in ages. I know I should but after we tidied up to stop Darling Daughter (DD) getting things she shouldn't, the laptop was put in a room where the door is nearly always closed. Which sucks, because I walk past it and forget that it's in there. 

So I decided that today would be the perfect day to get back into it. 

Today I'm linking up with Dear Baby G for FFS Friday!

Dear Baby G

What has made me go FFS this week?

The temperature has been 34 or higher for the majority of the week FFS

We were supposed to have 2 days of constant rain - we got a shower on day one then nothing FFS

I keep forgetting to do my blog FFS

DD wants to do things she shouldn't that are dangers FFS

She cries and chucks a tanty when she is caught trying to do anything she shouldn't be doing FFS

I wanted Giggle and Hoot onesies for her - Target couldn't tell me when they were arriving FFS

Had a little hissy fit on their Facebook page and spoke with a lovely lady who organised for the onesies to be sent to the local store for me No FFS

Had a dentists appointment. Last time I saw the dentist was 3 days before my wedding in 2010 FFS

I have dodgy teeth from being pretty crook as kid FFS

Dentist takes x-rays, compares the pictures and declares NO further action required!! No FFS

I'm feeling lonely and not looking forward to DD starting daycare FFS

Well, I guess that is it. There's so much else, but I don't want to seem like a whinging bitch. 

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I saw those giggle and hoot onsies yesterday, so cute, definately woth kicking up a stink for!!

    1. Ann, our store STILL doesn't have them!! BUT on the upside, they got me an Inter Store Transfer and I picked up the Hootabelle one. Just waiting on the Hoot one (which is supposedly a boys one).

  2. What does is DD in daycare? I'd be happy to meet up for lunch once a fortnight or something :)

    1. End of the month! We will slowly increase hours, so will only be a short amount of time for the first day. Following week is Hubby's birthday - he's taking the Thursday off - we're going to use the movie ticket I won and have a quick movie date while she is there to celebrate his birthday. So probably her third week I should be free?

    2. Sorry that was supposed to say *day*. Let me know when you are free :)