Saturday, 5 January 2013

Me Time

So Darling Husband (DH) has been on holidays over the Christmas/New Year break. This isn't anything new. What's new this year is that we are both home together with Darling Daughter (DD). 

Since DD was born, I hadn't had much time to myself, so I organised with a Dear Friend (DF) to have lunch and for DH to watch DD while I was out. 

It was decided that Thursday would be the day. 

I had it carefully planned. I'd be home until just after 9am, at which stage I would go to my usual Body Step class. Then I'd rush home, have a shower and wash my hair and head off for lunch.

DH tried to tell me to take my car, to which I had to point out many times contains the pram and car seat. I told him if we were taking my car, the seat and pram would have to be swapped over. So I got to take "his" car. Awesome! 

I spent about 30min at home with DH and DD before I left to pick up DF. She was suitably impressed that I rocked up in the "big" car - for the record, I have a 4 cylinder car, hubby has a 6 cylinder car. 

Before leaving though, I had to give DH a VERY detailed list about how to feed DD. And how to generally look after her. She's a year old, you'd think he'd know by now.

Off we trundled to a local (almost) Japanese restaurant. The sort of stuff DH will not go near. 

I still had money from my saved Christmas money - no I didn't skimp on gifts, I always get a bit extra out to get some grog. Only this year, I got given grog, so I didn't need to spend money on it.

We decided on a medium "tapas" plate of tuna balls, gyoza, mini yakitori and something else, followed by fresh sushi for 2, at the chef's selection. OMG. I have never, ever had that type of sushi before, because we are limited with culinary choices here. There were 2 really weird looking ones that neither of us could bring ourselves to eat. But we scoffed the rest of it and then went next door to the ice creamery for dessert. I have to admit that I was a little scared about eating such large pieces of raw fish, but it was so fresh and melted in my mouth. Didn't even taste overly fishy. Once I finally rejoin the workforce, I think that I will be using some of my hard earned money to go back there. It's expensive, but the food was that great that I WILL be going back!

The only downside was that as soon as I got home DH took off for a mountain bike ride. It's him who tells me I need to take more time for myself. You see, quite often, 3 - 4 mornings a week and maybe an afternoon on weekends, he goes and rides his mountain bike for 2 - 3 hours at a time. I'm normally lucky to get 2 Step classes a week. It just felt like, "Oh, you're home. She's your responsibility. If you take a few hours, I get even more." Sometimes it feels unfair but then DD gives me a massive, cheeky grin and I know all the time I spend with her is more than worth it.

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