Thursday, 24 January 2013

Go back already!

As a mum to just one child who has little social interaction with other children, I find it insulting and discriminatory that the normal "baby" things aren't held over school holidays. It's like saying, "You're kids aren't old enough, so they aren't good enough."

We used to frequent our local major library once a fortnight for a pre-literacy session where we used song and play and the babies interacted. Darling daughter (DD) made a few friends there. 

On alternate weeks and where the budget allowed, we would trundle off to Babes in Arms at the local cinema. A cheaper ticket price, but other mothers and/or fathers were there with their babies and you KNEW to expect a bit of crying etc. 

But once school holidays start, older children take preference. With the local library, I can't understand why. It's 30 minutes, once a fortnight. I've checked their events and it's not like they're running anything, anyway.

With the cinemas, I can understand it's a profit thing. But it still sucks.

There were 3 of us who had our little group - 2 DD's and one Darling Son (DS) who came home the same day as my DD. We even did antenatal with his parents. We wanted to meet up. There's a place here where the kids can go berko and be as crazy as they want. But that costs money and over the festive period, it's not really budget friendly, especially on a single income with a mortgage. Plus, the little ones would have to contend with the big kids. Again, not fair.

We're putting DD in childcare one day a week soon, to get her used to other children and to make some friends. It can't be good for her to be stuck with me all day, every day. I'm a boring person, and I probably spend too much time online. Usually with my phone.

I'm probably just sooking but it seems like babies don't matter. They DO matter, in ways we don't even understand and can not begin to comprehend. We need to continually feed them information. They are little sponges and relish in learning new things!! I don't know any of the "educational" things to do with DD so when we are playing I am recycling the stuff we learnt at the library. Plus I have ABC4Kids on in the background of an afternoon.

So older children, please go back to school already!


  1. I hate that all our activities stop!! 6 weeks holiday sounds good in theory but in reality it sucks!! Bring on next week when preschool starts again!!

  2. There's not much for the inbetween kids either. DS is too big for the lively babies but not quite old enough to really get much out of lively stories. I have taken him once and he just wasn't interested. I am so thankful for daycare.