Monday, 31 December 2012

Out with the old

Warning: Today's post is VERY self indulgent and not in the least bit modest. If you can get past that, please keep reading.

So, it's almost 9am on New Years Eve 2012. I'm in a reflecting kinda mood today. I'm looking back on my 2012 and what I have achieved. So here it is

  • We got to bring Darling Daughter (DD) home at 22 days
  • Even though we had no end of trouble breastfeeding, she had EBM (Expressed Breast Milk) for at least one feed a day for 7 months
  • She was baptised on her 7 month birthday
  • I realised that YES! I can do this
  • I learnt that DD's spew down the front of my shirt at 3am while watching Charmed isn't that bad
  • We've taught DD to say Mum-mum, Daddy, Hey, Bubba, Boo and the new ones Pup and Puppa Peh (Peppa Pig) oh, and Hoo hoo (Hoot)
  • It IS possible to get excited about poop
  • Some baby foods taste pretty good, others pretty ordinary
  • We've started raising one bloody awesome kid
  • I've done a bloody good job to get her as far as she has come (and so has she!!)

  • Being a mum is the best job I've ever had

Sure, there are times when I get frustrated when DD does things she knows are wrong (you say No! and she gets sooky).

One of my workmates summed it up best on Melbourne Cup day when we went to visit, "Sarah, when you said you were pregnant, I really couldn't imagine you as a mum. Now, seeing you with DD, I can't imagine you any other way."

This statement, from someone who I count as a friend, sums up exactly how I've felt every day since finding out I was pregnant. 

I'll most likely sleep through the New Years celebrations, so will hubby and DD. But for those of you who will see it in, please have fun and stay safe.

Here's to you, my followers and readers. You've made a new blogger feel very welcome. This is post 21, so it's like my 21st all over again.

Wishing you and your friends and families a very happy, prosperous, safe and exciting 2013. See you on the flipside! 


  1. Happy New Year! Hope you had a great day today. Here's to learning heaps of new stuff in 2013