Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday Menu Plan

Ok, so today I'm linking up with A Dose of Dannie for her Monday Menu Plan.

Mine is likely to change, depending on my mood, the weather and what DD is doing at the time I decide to cook. 

But so far for this week we have:

Monday: Chicken & Mushroom risotto with baby spinach. Courtesy of a one pot meal pack.

Tuesday: Chicken Muffins with a potato and garlic filling - Lenards. Most likely to be served with salad.

Wednesday: Steak and veges.

Thursday: Marinated steak (Masterfoods Marinate in a bag - Red Wine & Garlic) and salad or veges.

Friday: Grocery night. Likely to be Maccas or KFC - both are on my way home

Saturday: Chinese - going out for my Nan's 73rd birthday

Sunday: BBQ I think, with the in laws. Or whatever my MIL decides we're having. On these nights, I'm not picky, because I'm not cooking it or washing up after it lol

We're a pretty boring bunch here. This weeks plan is slightly more extravagant than usual thanks to packet mixes and marinades. 

What's on your menu?? 

1 comment:

  1. Monday must be the night for Chicken lol :-)
    Love Sunday night cos i love chinese food!
    Thanks for linking up.x