Thursday, 13 December 2012

We always knew

I've been quiet since IBOT.

I'm starting to feel a huge range of emotions which are only going to amplify over the next 9 days in the lead up to DD's 1st birthday.

As some of you may remember from reading my post The In Between, we got told at her 6 and 9 month milestone assessments that DD had failed and was behind. Even taking into account her corrected age.

Well, DD showed the Child Health Nurse today. Did exactly what she had to and then some, especially on the talking front. So, it's with great pleasure, excitement and pride, that I tell you DD passed her 12 month milestone assessment. 9 days early even!

I'm so pleased with how far she has come in 12 very short months. She's slightly ahead with her talking, and with a mum like me, that's not surprising. I could talk under wet cement!

So it's only a short post today. Alongside the happy feelings, there's a mixed bag, as I keep thinking back to exactly what I was doing on this day 12 months ago. Tomorrow would be 12 months since we had our 32 week scan and get told that our baby is head down, ready to go, my low lying placenta has moved and oh, look! Your baby is practicing breathing! We didn't know then just how much that phrase would mean in just one short week!!


  1. Good job all of you!! They really just do things when they are ready!! Forget the past and celebrate the one year milestone!!

  2. can you make your next blog a list of what all these accronyms from all these mothers pages off facebook mean. not everyone knows what an ibot is lol. and dh? commonly that means dickhead lol. sorry to sound negative but not everyone is from a mothers page

  3. I've done up a quick blog of the abbreviations I use. There's really only the three of them. But if there are any more, please, let me know!