Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wacky Wednesday

I'm feeling a bit wacky and stir crazy today, even though DD and I have been out for a couple of hours this morning.

I've been thinking back over funny things that I've done. 

The most memorable prank would have to be the one I pulled on DH. It started out innocently enough - the sprinkler popped off the hose. Seeing as he was near it, he decided to fix it for me. Of course, I turned it on while he was still standing next to it and I have never seen a man jump so high before. 

I think back to all the times my bestie and I stalked people through the shops, ran around yelling that we were aeroplanes, me pretending to be a kangaroo because I was drunk.

My best drunk experience would have been after a post work drinkies episode. I cannot remember how many UDL's I had, but it was a lot, especially for me. DH (then just boyfriend) was driving me home, and he got pulled over for an RBT. He'd had one or two beers, and was definitely fine to drive, but I kept hissing, "Don't lie!!" at him in my best Gollum voice. 

I got my comeuppance the very next day - it was the hottest, most humid day of the year, I had to wash and vacuum my car AND to top it off, I had to take my Nan to bingo in a non airconditioned hall.

All of these hilarious experiences have made me who I am today. And if you see me walking funny down the street - I did my first RPM class today and it the seat feels just like a real bicycle and I don't normally ride bikes....

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